What Won’t Change

What Won’t Change

In preparing for the STRIVE Campaign and the changes it will surely bring to our campus, the school took time to reflect on what won’t change at St. Albans. The following list was printed as a coda to our 2013 Strategic Plan:

A School for Boys

St. Albans is a school for boys: a place of great energy, enthusiasm, boisterous voices, and constant motion, as well as serious intellectual inquiry and ethical reflection. Our faculty understand the best ways to reach and teach students at every stage of life.

A Church School

An Episcopal school, St. Albans encourages all students, from all backgrounds, to explore their own faith traditions, to develop their personal beliefs, and to respect and appreciate the beliefs of others. In weekly chapels that use the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer as their basis, St. Albans students learn life lessons about character, honor, compassion, generosity, and leadership. Through lesson and example, they come to appreciate the value of choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.

A Family School

A St. Albans education depends on a close relationship between teachers and students. At our small school, with small classes, every student is truly known by his teachers and receives the support he needs to meet daily challenges. Family-style lunches bring teachers and students from different grades together for a daily meal, providing an opportunity for conversation and community outside the classroom.

A Diverse Community

A diverse student body, faculty, and staff enriches our school and allows us all to explore, understand, and respect varied perspectives. The school remains committed to expanding efforts to ensure ours is a socially, economically, ethnically, and racially diverse community.

A Rigorous, Well-Rounded Education

Students take on a rigorous college-preparatory program, with an emphasis on critical thinking. They learn how to build an argument, test a hypothesis, prove a theorem, and express themselves clearly, independently, and confidently.

In the classroom, on stage, and on the playing fields, the school fosters the spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and physical development of each student.

Coeducational Opportunities

Our academic, athletic, and artistic partnership with National Cathedral School allows our students to benefit from coeducation while receiving every advantage of a single-sex environment.

Financial Aid

St. Albans admits students based on their past achievements and their potential to thrive at our school. A robust financial aid budget combined with moderate tuition increases allows for a dynamic, socio-economically diverse community.

Leadership and Service

Through volunteer work, students come to understand the needs of others, learn practical ways to help, and develop a lifelong commitment to service. The school offers students opportunities to serve as student leaders and encourages them to use their gifts and their education as leaders in service of others.

Passionate Teachers

The school hires and fully supports teachers who pursue their subject with passion and who hold both themselves and their students to the highest standards of scholarship and discipline. Practicing artists and musicians teach our students in the studio and on stage; teacher-coaches instruct and encourage boys in the classroom and on the fields; chaplains guide students in chapel, in class, and beyond.

A Respect for Tradition

From opening day to field day, St. Albans School traditions encourage students to appreciate history, to admire and learn from the past, and to remember that they—and the world in which they live—are part of something historic, lasting, and worthwhile.

A Responsibility for the Future

The school remains deeply aware of its obligations to future students. We steward the school’s resources with great care. We welcome innovations that allow the school to keep up its greatest tradition: that of providing generations of boys with a superlative education that prepares them fully for the world in which they will live.