Moments from the Fields: Sam Danello ’14

Moments from the Athletic Fields Groundbreaking with
Sam Danello ’14


Sam Danello ’14












I’ve played soccer on this field for the past six years. And one of the most repeated privileges of playing on this field has been listening to opponents talk about the field after losing a tight game. Inevitably, Landon kids, Georgetown Prep kids become big supporters of the the field project and the STRIVE Campaign after losing to us 2-0 in soccer. The question I’ve heard again and again and again is, “When are the fields going to be finished?” And now, finally, we have a definitive answer.

One thing will remain constant no matter what fields we’re playing on and no matter how many fields we have at any given time, and that is the pride that students feel for the fields. As a student looking out on the field, I remember so many different soccer games. Looking out on the tennis courts, I remember so many different tennis matches. All of them form who I am—both as a person, and more importantly, as a St. Albans person.

So here’s a theme I wish to emphasize today: pride underlies these field. It’s not grass, it’s not shovels—it’s pride that will build our new field and pride that will sustain it for another century.

I look forward to many more IAC victories and more complaints from Landon and Prep kids in the future. Thank you.