Goal: To raise new endowment to support our great teachers, to sustain need-blind admissions through financial aid, to continue to moderate tuition increases to keep St. Albans accessible to all families, and to address the evolving needs of our school. $16.5 million

Endowed funds provide the greatest potential to secure St. Albans’ financial foundation. During the Centennial Campaign, St. Albans’ endowment nearly doubled.

As of October 2017, our endowment stood at $75 million. Nevertheless, the school remains too heavily dependent on tuition.

By supporting financial aid, faculty salaries and benefits, professional development and curricular enhancements, new endowment will greatly advance our sustainability efforts, which aim to moderate tuition increases and keep a St. Albans education affordable.

The National Association of Independent School’s guidelines recommend that a school’s endowment be three to five times larger than its operating budget ($27 million for 2016-17). The STRIVE Campaign will help get us there.

“I give to St. Albans so that other people’s sons can go there and have the same wonderful experience I had.”

—Huston Simmons ’57


Increasing Financial Aid Through Endowed Scholarships ($6 million)

  • Endowed scholarships to maintain our need-blind admission policy ($5 million)
  • New scholarships to fund school-sponsored travel, including international, athletic training, and social service trips ($1 million)

Supporting Faculty Salaries and Benefits ($6.5 million)

  • Endowed Chairs and general salary support ($4 million)
  • Faculty Benefits Fund: to increase assistance for tuition, daycare, medical insurance, and housing ($2.5 million)

Focusing on Great Teaching ($4 million)

  • Professional Development and Curriculum Enrichment Funds ($1 million)
  • Innovation Fund for Teaching in the Sciences ($1 million)
  • Technology Resources Fund ($1 million)
  • Teaching Fellows Program: to bring to St. Albans teachers of exceptional promise at the beginning of their careers ($1 million)