STRIVE Campaign Tops $40 Million, Community Exceeds Goal for Fields!

STRIVE Campaign Tops $40 Million, Community Exceeds Goal for Fields!

At the Parent Dinner on January 25, Headmaster Vance Wilson shared the exciting news that the STRIVE Campaign had passed $40 million, ending 2016 at $41.5 million. Thank you!

The campaign has exceeded its $20 million goal for the athletic fields; $20.4 has been raised, with the excess going to a reserve fund to repair the facilities and replace the turf in the future, ensuring that future students will continue to have an exceptional facility for outdoor practices and competitions. As the campaign continues, the school is still interested in hearing from donors interested in building up this replacement reserve for the fields.

We Made the Match—and More

The strong end-of-year success may be attributed directly to the STRIVE Match, for which the Governing Board and an anonymous board member created a $750,000 matching fund for the STRIVE Campaign. Before year’s end, three other board members raised the match to $950,000. Thanks to them, every dollar given or pledged to the fields between November 1 and December 31, 2016, was matched—dollar for dollar—by these amazing gifts.

For Our Students and Teachers—and the Work They Do

The STRIVE Campaign will now switch focus on growing our endowment to support

  • financial aid,
  • faculty benefits and salaries, and
  • the teaching that goes on at school every day.