Athletic Fields FAQs

What is the athletic fields project?

On the site of Satterlee-Henderson Field and extending into the nearby hill, St. Albans has constructed a multisport stadium with field turf for football, lacrosse, and soccer, with a six-lane track; a baseball field that converts into two full playing fields off-season; and seven tennis courts.

Why do we need to redo Satterlee-Henderson Field?

Previously, 25 Lower School, junior varsity, and varsity teams shared one field, surrounded by a nonregulation cinder track. The project vastly improves the quality of our fields and our ability to practice adequately and more efficiently in every season, and in all weather. We are able to host more home games and (for the first time in fifty-plus years!) home track meets.

Anyone who has played on the fields, or who has rooted for a home game in recent years, knows that the fields were under constant stress, worn out from overuse, and simply not up to the standards of quality that we want for our boys.


What has the School gained from the project?

First-class fields that allow us to host more than one full practice at a time, regular practices that coincide with home games, and home track meets for the first time in more than 50 years. We have fields, tennis courts, and a track where our students can strive for success and our proud athletic tradition will thrive.

Do Lower School students benefit from the project?

Yes! Practice and game time on regulation fields and the track has doubled for every student, whether in the Upper or Lower School.

How much does the project cost?

Approximately $20 million, which includes the cost of relocating our sports teams during construction.