Athletic Fields

Athletic Fields

Goal: To provide first-class playing fields by completely renovating and expanding Satterlee-Henderson Field. $20 million


On the playing fields and in the classroom, the most important aspect of a St. Albans education is the interaction between adult and student. Over the years, St. Albans has attracted wonderful coaches and athletes because of the School’s quality programs and the role that sports play in a young man’s development.

Through athletics, boys come to understand the value of hard work and discipline, learn to compete at a high level, and develop life-long habits of physical fitness.

“Healthy competition, a desire to excel, lifelong lessons of fitness—participation in sports stimulates all of these and, at the end of the day, helps a boy get a good night’s sleep.”

—Vance Wilson, Headmaster


To maintain the standard of excellence we strive for in all our programs, St. Albans has renovated and expanded our athletic fields and build a first-class outdoor facility. The School has completely transformed the old Satterlee-Henderson Field into three tiered levels. The upper level contains a regulation field for football, soccer, and lacrosse, surrounded by a six-lane, all-weather track. Seating for six hundred is built into the hillside on the north side of the field, below Beauvoir School. Overflow space on the hillside accommodates an additional four hundred spectators.

A stone retaining wall and tree-lined pedestrian walkway, extending from Pilgrim Road to 34th Street, separates the upper and middle tiers. This latter tier has a regulation baseball field, which converts into two full practice fields during the off-season, and an additional half practice field. An entry plaza on Pilgrim Road houses a concession stand, restrooms, and additional seating for fans.

Seven tennis courts are located on the middle and lower tiers, near the intersection of Garfield and 34th Street. A tennis center at the courts’ Garfield Street entrance includes dressing rooms and a tennis club office.

The School now has sufficient regulation-sized play and practice fields so that students may take full advantage of their practice time and play regular home games even when other athletic contests are occurring.