Headmaster’s Associates

The Headmaster’s Associates

Donors who contribute more than $2,500 (and young alumni who contribute $500, $1,000, or $1,500 or more) are recognized, with great thanks, as members of the Headmaster’s Associates. Year after year, leadership provides the foundation upon which Annual Giving success is built.
Headmaster's Associates

Society of St. Alban


Bishop Henry Satterlee Circle


Canon Charles Martin Scholarship Circle

$44,141 (current year’s tuition)

Canon Albert Lucas Circle


The Jack McCune Society

$10,000 (covering the “gap”)*

Ferdinand E. Ruge Circle


Albert True Circle


St. Albans Circle


Young Alumni

$1,500 (10 – 14 years out)
$1,000 (6 – 9 years out)
$500 (1 – 5 years out)


*The “gap” is the difference between tuition and the actual cost of a St. Albans education.