A Letter from the Headmaster

From the Headmaster’s Study

Vance Wilson: About StriveDear Friends:

At St. Albans, boys work hard and make lifelong friends. Teachers challenge and coax them, and they discipline and love them. St. Albans has educated generations of boys well, but we must always challenge ourselves to sustain and even improve our efforts. We must strive to do our best.

In this spirit, we are launching STRIVE: A Campaign for St. Albans. We will improve faculty benefits while minimizing annual tuition increases. We will rebuild our athletic fields, increase financial aid, bring new technology to our classrooms, expand opportunities for international studies—and more.

A distinctive characteristic of St. Albans is its caring for every boy who went to School here and grew to be a man. How magnificent it is to celebrate not simply our financial success during the campaign but our success as a community where everyone participates, at whatever level. All of us are privileged in so many ways; pray God we have been taught at this School to share our gifts, both here and widely.

I hope that every person in our community will participate in STRIVE — first through Annual Giving and then, if possible, through support of the endowment and athletic fields. May we soon gather in the stands rising above our competition field and track, gazing down on our baseball field and new tennis courts, to celebrate a successful campaign — and to cheer our boys on to another win as significant in their minds as this campaign is to ours.

I thank everyone in the St. Albans community for their support as we launch STRIVE: A Campaign for St. Albans.
Vance Wilson Signature: About Strive
Vance Wilson
Headmaster of St. Albans School